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Fitness, strength training and endurance training at Heavy Metal Fitness in Beaver Dam.

About Us

Personalized Fitness in Beaver Dam, WI.

I have always had a love for fitness. However, up until 6 years ago I only did cardio. I was afraid of weight training. I was afraid that I would be judged for being in the weight area of the gym and I was worried that people would judge me if I did something wrong. I was totally new to lifting and terrified. One day I decided I would give it a shot and try one machine at a time. My body composition changed drastically and I fell in love with weight training. I did not bulk up, as many people think will happen. I began training others and educating them on weight training. I had many people that wanted to train with me, however, they wanted privacy and a fun atmosphere. So Michael I took all the suggestions from them, and many ideas of my own and created our own gym.

Strong is the new skinny.


Personal and small group classes.


Located in Beaver Dam.


Such a great place to workout! Friendly, affordable,and zero unrealistic charges, or extra fees for challenges! Early classes, one on one assistance!

Deanna Kasper


Love the variety of classes they have!Makes working out fun and keeps you wanting more! Keep up the good work!

Stephanie Duckett


Feeling it today but wouldn’t have it any other way. Love the gym and the staff. Bonus it’s close to home and no contracts.

Jodi Apel


I fell in Love with working out

We are doing fitness in a different way than is offered in our area. Our gym is welcoming, fun, exciting, tough and the people are amazing! You are not just a number here. Someone is always next to your side helping and encouraging you. We don’t succeed unless you do! Come check out our “fit family”

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